Anonymous? Free speech?

Anonymous Free speech?

In January 2008, A group of online terrorists calling themselves Anonymous declare their intention to destroy the church of scientology from seeking to remove church copyrighted Material from the internet. Anonymous claims to be acting on behalve of free speech.
Thousands of harrassing phonecalls, millions of malicious emails,22 acts of vandalism, 38 bomb threats, 39 death threats and a massive attack on Scientology's chruch website.

The Church documented a video of hate crimes of Anonymous, making these crimes known the Church posted the video on the internet. Anonymous's reponse was to start a campaign to have the video removed Ignoring the churches right to freedom of speech, Anonymous insists its voice is the only one to be heard. Anonymous is happy to support freedom of speech and rights when it comes to hate speech but not when its with beliefs of others.

If you do not believe in free speech of others, you yourself do not believe in free speech.